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(PDF) Inferences in Interaction and Language Change

The present special issue brings together scholars working on language change and interaction who attach importance to inferences. The papers are based on the results of a colloquium held in November 2016 3 fat the University of Freiburg.1 Specifically, the central aims of the special issue are threefold:1. A three-year follow-up study evaluating clinical utility

    • Table 1 Genetic diagnoses made by WES reanalysis and the reason for positive result in 12 Table 2 Longitudinal follow-up on the actual change in clinical management in 36 diagnosed Table 3 Patients with changes in clinical outcomes and the associated healthcare costs. Diagnostic A reanalysis of nanoparticle tumor delivery using Recent analyses have questioned the utility of NPs for the treatment of solid tumors due to potential low tumor delivery efficiency and extent, especially the often-cited study by Wilhelm et al. However, the conclusions of the study by Wilhelm et al. were based on a nonstandard PK metric, %ID in tumor, which was several orders of magnitude lower than other published PK metrics describing the tumor delivery

      An assessment of the surface climate in the NCEP climate

      Oct 28, 2010 · This paper analyzes surface climate variability in the climate forecast system reanalysis (CFSR) recently completed at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The CFSR represents a new generation of reanalysis effort with first guess from a coupled atmosphereoceansea iceland forecast system. This study focuses on the analysis of climate variability for a set of Anthropogenic influence on extreme precipitation over Jul 06, 2021 · The intensification of extreme precipitation under anthropogenic forcing is robustly projected by global climate models, but highly challenging to detect in the observational record. Large ERA-Interim:Notes, Questions, and Discussion Advancing Aug 17, 2016 · Re:ERA-Interim:Notes, Questions, and Discussion. Submitted by Natalie T (not verified) on Tue, 07/12/2016 - 13:14. Dear all, Is acceleration due to gravity already accounted for in the vertical integral of northward/eastward water vapour flux?

      Estimating the effectiveness of the Pfizer COVID-19

      Feb 03, 2021 · A distinctive feature of the roll out of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK was the decision to delay the timing of the second injection till 12 weeks after the first. The logic behind this is to protect more people sooner and so reduce the total number of severe infections, hospitalisations, and deaths. This decision caused criticism from some quarters due in part to a belief that NOAA Technical Report OAR CPO-4 Report from the fidelity of reanalysis products and the associated applications of reanalysis products for climate studies Each session contained between four and eight 20-minute presentations, and was capped by a . 2030-minute discussion period led by a moderator furnished in advance with questions from attendees related to the session topic and objective. Reanalysis of Bedside detection of awareness in the Jan 26, 2013 · Reanalysis of Bedside detection of awareness in the vegetative state:a cohort study. Bedside detection of awareness in the vegetative state:a cohort study. reported that a new EEG-based tool was able to show that three of 16 patients in a vegetative state performed a motor imagery task requiring language and short-term memory.

      Testosterone and aggression:A reanalysis of Book, Starzyk

      Jan 01, 2005 · 1.. IntroductionBook, Starzyk, and Quinsey (2001) undertook a meta-analysis of studies linking testosterone and aggression. While such quantitative syntheses are important for advancing knowledge in a particular area and are generally preferable to qualitative reviews Cooper, 1984, Schmidt, 1992, there are certain problems with undertaking a meta-analytic review that these authors appear The Minimal Persuasive Effects of Campaign Contact in Sep 28, 2017 · Subtable 3(b) is a reanalysis we conducted of the data for Doherty and Adler (Reference Doherty and Adler 2014), a rare study in the literature that introduced variation in the timing of campaign contact. Consistent with our predictions, the campaign mailers they studied had persuasive effects in state legislative general elections when they JRA-55:Notes, Questions, and Discussion Advancing May 27, 2016 · JRA-55:Notes, Questions, and Discussion Quick Overview and useful links General Reanalysis Notes, Questions, and Discussion. 01/29/2020:Some tropical cyclones occurring over the Northeast Pacific and the North Atlantic from 1959 to 1987 were erroneously represented as anti-cyclonic vortices in the Japanese 55-year Reanalysis (JRA-55) dataset. A detailed report is available at the