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(PDF) Effects of Sealing Run Welding with Defocused Laser

Welding Electrons and laser beam welded joints. Guidance on quality levels for imperfections. Part 1:steel. Haagensen, P. J., 2003. IIW Recommendations on Post Weld Improvement of Steel and Aluminium. IIW Doc. no, 13, 1815-00. Hobbacher, A., 2007. Recommendations for Fatigue Design of Welded Joints and Components, IIW document XIII-2151-07. Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2018, Vol. 10(11) material properties, this article proposed an energy dissipation-based method that is able to predict the fatigue life for spot-welded dissimilar materials rapidly. In order to obtain the temperature gradient, the temperature variations of four-group spot-welded joint of SUS301L-DLT stainless steel and Q235 carbon steel during high-cycle

Dissimilar welding between conventional and high strength

Feb 26, 2021 · The increasing trend of high strength low alloy steel application in the shipbuilding industry dictates the necessity for an investigation of their welds with conventional high strength steels. In this study, conventional and high strength low alloy naval steel plates 12 mm thick, were joined together in a butt joint configuration, using the metal cored arc welding technique and low heat input Fatigue Behavior Analysis of Cruciform Welded Joints by Fatigue tests were carried out at different stress levels on cruciform welded joints made from mastensitic stainless steel. The purpose of the present paper was to verify the validity of the thermographic method and to extend its capability on welded structural evaluation, considering the real operating situations. Due to limitations of the traditional fatigue test, the infrared thermographic Fatigue performance assessment of welded joints using the Nov 25, 2012 · Taking the superficial temperature increment as the major fatigue damage indicator, the infrared thermography was used to predict fatigue parameters (fatigue strength and S-N curve) of welded joints subjected to fatigue loading with a high mean stress, showing good predictions. The fatigue damage status, related to safety evaluation, was tightly correlated with the temperature field

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DOI:10.1016/J.MATDES.2013.04.094 Corpus ID:55480707. A thermographic method for remaining fatigue life prediction of welded joints @article{Williams2013ATM, title={A thermographic method for remaining fatigue life prediction of welded joints}, author={P. Williams and M. Liakat and M. Khonsari and O. M. Kabir}, journal={Materials & Design}, year={2013}, volume={51}, pages={916-923} } Influence of Manufacturing Conditions on Fatigue Life of Jan 01, 2017 · The fatigue life of the bogie was estimated to be 6.23 × 10 5 instead of the required 1 × 10 6 cycles. It was concluded that manufacturing conditions have a significant effect on fatigue life of high strength steel welded joints. Travel speed and welding angle are critical. Previous article.Long-Term Marine Environment Exposure Effect on Butt AH36 steel butt-welded specimens were exposed to a real marine environment (water, seawater, sea splash) for prolonged periods (3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 months) in order to determine the influence of these factors on corrosive behavior of such materials. Once extracted, relative mass change of specimens due to corrosion over time was measured.