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60 rows · May 06, 2021 · Summary. Medical Cannabis, program established to allow use of for certain Bill Text - SB-519 Controlled substances Feb 17, 2021 · An act to amend Sections 11054, 11150.2, 11350, 11364, 11364.7, 11365, 11377, 11379, 11379.2, 12, and 11550 of, to add Sections 11350.1, 11377.1, and 11402 11350.1 and 11377.1 to, to add and repeal Section 131065 of, to repeal Section 11999 of, and to repeal Article 7 (commencing with Section 11390) of Chapter 6 of Division 10 of, the Health and Safety Code, relating to controlled

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Date Published:09/21/2018 09:00 PM. SB901:v91#DOCUMENT. Bill Start. Senate Bill No. 901. CHAPTER 626. An act to add Section 815.11 to the Civil Code, to add Section 65040.21 to the Government Code, to add Section 38535 to the Health and Safety Code, to amend Sections 4213.05, 4290, 4527, 4584, 4589, 4593.2, 4597, 4597.1, 4597.2, 4597.6, and Bill Text:AL SB46 2021 Regular Session Enrolled Alabama Senate Bill 46 ( Adjourned Sine Die) Bill Title:Medical Cannabis, program established to allow use of for certain conditions, defense against prosecution for marijuana possession established, Secs. 20-2A-1 to 20-2A-11, incl., 20-2A-20 to 20-2A-23, incl., 20-2A-30 to 20-2A-36, incl., 20-2A-50 to 20-2A-68, incl., added; Sec. 13A-7-2 am'd. Home - Delaware General AssemblyVisiting Legislative Hall. Legislative Hall is located at:411 Legislative Avenue. Dover, DE 19901. Building is currently closed to the public. For questions or assistance please call (302) 744-4114 or email [email protected]

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Feb 10, 2021 · Meetings:House and Senate committee meeting schedule. Statistics:Session statistics. Lobbyist-in-a-Box:Subscription-based bill tracking service. Cumulative Index:Subject index of bills and resolutions. House Video:House session video. Senate Video:Senate session video. 2021 Session:Convened January 13, 2021. Michigan Legislature - BillsBill Number. Search for bills by numbers using just the bill number -50. To find multiple bills use comma separators - 4001,4004,4006. Specify ranges of numbers with hyphens, 8-36. Key Words. Use this box to search bills for words or phrases. Words, like "and" or "the" cannot be searched for by themselves. Type phrases within double quotes. Oregon passes bipartisan legislation to slow rising cost Jun 21, 2019 · SB 889 passed the Oregon House of Representatives [on Tuesday] by a vote of 46 to 12 and passed the Senate unanimously June 13. Rhode Island and Delaware have also adopted health care cost growth benchmark programs. Oregons first report on total health care spending and analysis of health price increases is expected to be released in fall 2021.

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Mar 10, 2021 · Amends the Conveyances Act. Provides that special warranty deeds may be made in a specified form. Provides that every deed in substance in the specified form shall be deemed and held a conveyance in fee simple, to the grantee, his or her heirs and assigns, with specified covenants on the part of the grantor. SB 763 ::Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Senate Bill 763 is a measure introduced in the 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature. The measure provides that person may not engage in business as pharmaceutical representative without obtaining license from Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services. Search for a bill in the Oregon Legislature ::Your Track a bill. Choose the type of bill and enter the bill number to find information about and the status of a bill before the Oregon Legislature. Leave the bill number blank to see all bills of that type that have been introduced. Search. Search for a bill. Enter keywords to search the descriptions of bills before the Oregon Legislature

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Jul 01, 2021 · Senate Tracker:Sign Up Login Go to Bill:Year:2022 2021A 2021 2020 Org. 2020 2019 I 2019 2018 Org. 2018 2017A 2017 2016 Org. 2016 2015C 2015B 2015A 2015 2014 Org. 2014A 2014 2013 2012 Org. 2012B 2012 2011 2010 Org. 2010C 2010A 2010 2009B 2009A 2009 2008 Org. 2008 2007D 2007C 2007B 2007A 2007 2006 Org. 2006 2005B 2005 2004 Org. 2004A 2004 SB 496 ::Oregon Legislature Bill Tracker - Your Senate Bill 496 is a measure introduced in the 2021 session of the Oregon Legislature. The measure removes prohibition on payment of unemployment insurance benefits to nonprofessional employees of educational institution providing school food services, early intervention services or prekindergarten services for weeks of unemployment commencing during period between two successive academic