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Fusion Welding of High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel:A Mini

Laser welding In order to avoid the softening of HAZ, welding cracks and some other welding defects resulted from the high heat input during conventional fusion welding, LW with more concentrated energy density and lower heat input are also applied for the welding of HSLA steel [12-14]. Influence of TIG welding thermal cycles on HSLA-100 steel Nov 01, 1993 · A series of five bead on plate autogenous tungsten-inert-gas (TIG) welds were performed on U.S. Navy HSLA-100 steel. Power variations in these welds was achieved by altering the welding speed, voltage and current and were as follows (in kJ/mm); 0.7,

Influence of the Tunnel Defect in Al 6061-T651 welded

Heat input during this process is dependent on many factors like FSW parameters, such as (rotational and transverse speeds), tool design (pin geometry, pin and shoulder diameters, etc.) and axial force. Certain variations in welding parameters generate defects in the weld due to improper heat input. Underwater Wet Welding for HSLA Steels:Chemical Jul 25, 2015 · The failure may result from the high strength of X65 steel and the slag and undercut weld defects, which are largely influenced by welders skills in these welding positions. When water depth exceeds 11 m, the ductility dramatically gets worse, which is mainly caused by the large amounts of Influence of welding procedure and PWHT on HSLA steel Jan 01, 2019 · Influence of the welding process on the mechanical properties. Table 2 shows that the deposition rate of GMAW process was higher than the one for SMAW process, being 3.32 kg/h and 1.99 kg/h, respectively. These results are in accordance with other researchers [23], [33], [34], [35].