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Get parts made with the highest precision and accuracy for your business contact Owens Industries today to get a quote. or other custom manufactured parts, aerospace equipment, and aircraft parts need the best components made with the highest quality metals in order to function properly. ium and Kovar are most often used for Aerospace Market ium Industries Contact Us Todayium is most commonly the material of choice for engine parts that operate up to 1100 degrees F (593 degrees C). ium-based alloys make up 20-30% of the dry weight of an engine primarily in the compressor. Specific ium components designed in an engine include blades, disc, hubs, inlet guide vanes and cases.

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Aircraft Parts Manufacturing 2019-02-27T10:36:37-06:00. Tech Manufacturing is an approved OEM Aerospace parts manufacturer. Specializing in short and long run, highly complex, 5-axis structural components. Tech provides elegant machining solutions with the highest level of machining skills. Precision and quality parts are one of the reasons Tech has been a top level supplier for over 50 Hydroformed Parts for the Aerospace - Jones Metal ProductsWhether your company is in need of aircraft engines, nose cones or chassis covers for small motors, Jones Metal can help you produce precision components that will work within both new and existing equipment. We have a commitment to the production of quality parts and we provide heat treating certifications and inspection reports with every order. Military / Commercial Aircraft Parts udashium Aircraft Missile Fins, Panels, Brackets & Fittings Aircraft Fastener components & sub-assemblies Complex Avionics Housings & Mechanical components. UDASHs AS9100 Quality System and extensive knowledge of DFARS materials source requirements makes UDASH fully compatible with aircraft industry expectations. Our company is also ITAR certified as required by the U.S. DoD, NASA and aircraft

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Our parts fabrication provides for re-engineering and manufacture of aviation standard components utilizing the latest cutting edge fabrication equipment including, (4) 3/5-Axis CNC Machining Centers with capacities as large as 84 x 40, Live Tool CNC Lathe, Tilting Axis CNC Waterjet, Precision Cut Saws, Large Cross Draft Paint Booth Precision Castparts to acquire ium Metals in $2.9 Nov 10, 2012 · Precision makes parts for the Boeing 787 and other aircraft that use an ever-increasing amount of titanium, a substance as robust as steel but half as heavy. The company has agreed to buy ium Precision Machined ium Aircraft Door Stop Case Study As a crucial part of an airplane, ensuring all doors are secure during flight, the direction of the titanium plate was critical to the long-term strength of the component. Precision machining services including 5 axis and micromachining were utilized to achieve the exact tolerances this component required.

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Prototype Service Custom ium Parts CNC Precision Machining:Key Words:ium CNC Precision Machining:Material:Prototype Service Custom ium Parts:Application:ium for Aircraft:Surface Treatment:Anodizing polishing plating,etc:Tolerance:0.01- +/-0.005mm:Machining Equipment:3/4/5 axis:Drawing Format:2D/(PDF/CAD)3D(IGES US4055975A - Precision forging of titanium - Google PatentsA process of precision forging of titanium or a titanium alloy in which the forging stock and a segmented die are first heated to forging temperature while separated, and are then assembled together and heated again to that temperature, with the stock being covered by a protective coating preferably containing glass grit, and the die sections being coated with lubricant. ium Precision Screw Machine Parts Cox Manufacturing Machining titanium has several advantages over other materials. ium machined parts are known for their high strength and weight; it is also ductile, corrosion resistant against salt and water, and has a high melting point, making it the perfect option for many industries and applications. Ti 6Al-4V (Grade 5)

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TItanium CNC Aircraft Parts 1.Materail:Alloy ium/Pure ium 2.Application:Medical Equipment Parts, Prosthetic Adapter 3.Color:Natrual ium Surface 4.Equipment:AirCraft Parts 5.Tolerance:+/-0.02mm 6.Service:Customized OEM view more