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Adolescent social isolation induced alterations in nucleus

Jul 18, 2021 · The current study examined the effect of social isolation rearing on presynaptic glutamatergic transmission in NAc medium spiny neurons in both male and female mice. We show that social isolation rearing alters presynaptic plasticity in the NAc by decreasing the paired-pulse ratio and the size of the readily releasable pool of glutamate. Amphetamine Elicits Opposing Actions on Readily Releasable May 03, 2013 · AMPH elicits opposing actions on readily releasable and reserve pools for dopamine. Work with model synapses indicates that readily releasable, recycling, and reserve pools of neurotransmitters are interrogated by short, intermediate, and long duration trains, respectively [16].

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We conclude 1) because the existing releasable pool is stable during prolonged inhibition of ATP hydrolysis, whereas entry into the functional pool is blocked, a vesicle on entering the pool will tend to remain there until it fuses; 2) because the anatomical pool is unaffected by inhibition of ATP hydrolysis, failure to refill the functional pool is not caused by failure of vesicle movement; 3) local vesicle movements important for pool Definition of the Readily Releasable Pool of Vesicles at Jun 01, 1996 · A pool of readily releasable quanta has been defined for hippocampal synapses ( Stevens and Tsujimoto 1995) and retinal amacrine cell synapses ( Borges et al. 1995) in culture. This pool consists of about 12 quanta per synapse, and when the pool has been completely depleted, replenishing it takes about 10 s in hippocampal synapses. Is replenishment of the readily releasable pool associated Jul 30, 2013 · It is prompted by our recent findings that:(a) the replenishment rate of the readily releasable pool (RRP) does not increase, but decreases instead during long high-frequency stimulation, and (b) the replenishment rate is not [Ca ++] o sensitive (Bui and Glavinovic 2013a). These findings suggest that a significant re-formulation of the biophysical picture of the mechanism of evoked release

Plasmalemmal Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-Bisphosphate Level

Mar 09, 2005 · After prolonged incubation, the level of PI (4,5)P 2 decreased and secretion was inhibited. Kinetic analysis showed that changes in PI (4,5)P 2 levels led to correlated changes in the size of two releasable vesicle pools, whereas their fusion kinetics remained unaffected. Regulation of the Readily Releasable Vesicle Pool by Oct 01, 1998 · Although the size of the readily releasable pool at rest is unaffected by a range of manipulations that alter release probability, it is decreased by long-term depression in culture (Goda and Stevens 1998). We sought a manipulation that could increase the size of the readily releasable pool.Readily releasable pool size changes associated with long Feb 01, 1998 · Here we report that the history of synaptic use can alter the size of the readily releasable pool:the stimulation protocol that produces long term depression (LTD) in cultured hippocampal neurons (culture LTD) also causes parallel changes in the size of the pool.