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1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE V8 For Sale. £8,750. 1972 Scimitar Se5a Main points Previous body off restoration Pretty much brand new 3.5 Rover V8, Edelbrock 500 and all ancillaries 5 speed gearbox Above average paint. Definitely not perfect but in the top 15% Nice Interior. Modified Scimitar Gallery - Sporting ReliantsChris Lloyd set about grafting on a new nose cone from the later GTE (SE5A) and slightly flaring the rear arches to suit. John has since fitted the car with 14" x 7" Wolfrace wheels, chunky tyres and retro go-faster stripes. Above:Tony Dix's 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5 rolling restoration. Tony has made improvements to the chassis, fitted a stage 1

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RELIANT SCIMITAR GTE. For a brief period, the Reliant Scimitar GTE was one of the hottest properties. The trendy new idea of a sports estate was really launched by Reliant with this car. and that was certainly the case with the Scimitar GTE SE5 and SE5A. except for bumpers which are pretty much unobtainable these days. Reliant Archives - Group HarringtonReliant Scimitar GTE SE5 & SE5a Bumpers. by harrington £ 845.00 845.00 Reliant BumperworldReliant Scimitar GTE SE5 and SE5a bumpers 1.149,00. More about. We deliver our bumpers as complete sets:front bumper and rear bumper. Bumperworld offers you new stainless steel classic car bumpers. The only and perfect alternative for rechroming your old bumpers.

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  • HistoryDrivingPricesImprovementsReliant launched the Scimitar GTE in August 1968; a Ford Zodiac-powered sporting estate based on the more conventional coupe that preceded it but larger, better handling and far more practical. The new model was known as the SE5; its predecessor was the SE4. Stylish, luxurious and speedy, the new Scimitar was a complete contrast to the companys downmarket threewheelers and the fi rst and not very good Reliant sportster of 1961. Costing £1559 at its 68 launch and some £300 more than the 2.5 Reliant Scimitar Se6a for sale in UK View 21 bargainsRELIANT SCIMITAR GTE SE6 HEADLIGHT SURROUNDS. Suitable for reliant scimitar gte se6 se6a. RELIANT SCIMITAR GTE SE6 Good, used condition and good price at 20.0 Please ask if you have any questions! Details:headlight, surrounds, reliant, scimitar, pair, paint, colour, actual, check, carefully. Reliant Scimitar SE5 SE5a Bumper Kit - Bumpers - Other Bumper kit for the Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5 models from 1968 to 72, and SE5a models from 1972 to 75. The kit consists of 2 front corner bumpers, 2 front over riders with rubbers, and 1 rear bumper. Stainless steel was chosen for the following reasons:1 n Reliant Scimitar SE5a - Retro CarsOct 15, 2017 · Reliant Scimitar SE5a for sale. Current customer rating:(2.05) based on 626 votes. Here we have my lovely Scimitar GTE. I bought this car in 2006 and it has been my main car ever since. Over the past 7 years the car has been completely restored and fitted with uprated parts as required.

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    Jun 27, 2011 · If you can get your rear light clusters out this can make getting to 3 and 6 easier. I could only get one out. Removing the Front Bumper. 1) Remove the Spare wheel, Headlights and grill. 2) Remove the 7 Bolts, pictured below, attaching the bumper to the body. Bolts 3,4, and 5 pass through the front cross member, body and into the bumper and are pr. Scimitar GTE Automotive LifeThe Scimitar was produced by the Reliant company in Tamworth, England between 1964 and 1986. The earlier 2-seater GT was produced up until 1968 when the 4-seater GTE was introduced. The first version, the SE5, ran until 1972 when it was superceded by the SE5A. ScimitarWeb - RSSOC Online - Login and Natter - GTE

    • ChassisSuspensionEngineThe Electrical InstallationExteriorInteriorThe Chassis Is Really Strong, But:both the SE5 and SE6 can rust badly after long periods of inattention or neglect. Galvanised chassis:Only the last few GTC and SE6b cars have a galvanised chassis. In numbers, the last 70-80 cars of each model, so the majority (360 cars of each model) do NOT have galvanised chassis. Roughly, any car from late 1983 on should have a galvanised chassis. A galvanised chassis should be better protected against rust, butsome rust can appear after 25 years! MiReliant Scimitar GTE buyers guide:what to pay and what Oct 04, 2019 · Bumpers are unobtainable so look for good, straight chrome. These lights are shared with Hillman Hunter, SE5a/6 with Aston and TVR; both are £96 each.

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      Product Details For Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5 (1968 1972) and SE5a (1972 1975). Kits consists of 2 front corner bumpers, 2 front over riders with rubbers, 1 rear bumper.