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Neonatal near miss and mortality:factors associated

Still births, neonatal deaths and neonatal near miss cases attributable to severe obstetric complications:a prospective cohort study in two referral hospitals in Uganda A. (PDF) Neonatal near miss and mortality:factors associated According to the definition used in this study, neonatal near miss and neonatal death cases were limited to newborns with life-threatening conditions. Criteria for definition of life-threatening con- ditions, namely gestational age less than 32 weeks, birth weight less than 1,500g, or five-minute Apgar score less than seven (pragmatic criteria

(PDF) Neonatal near miss in the Birth in Brazil survey

This study used data from the Birth in Brazil survey, a nationwide hospital-based study of 24,197 postpartum women and their newborns, collected between February 2011 and July 2012. A three-stage cluster sampling design (hospitals, days, women) was Determinant Factors of Neonatal Near Miss Among Mar 19, 2021 · An infant who nearly died but keeps up with a severe complication that happened during the perinatal period is defined as a neonatal near miss. Pragmatic and management markers of severe neonatal morbidity criteria are used for measuring the case. Incidence and Predictors of Maternal and Perinatal

  • AbstractIntroductionMaterials and MethodsMeasurement of VariablesOperational DefinitionData Source and CollectionStatistical AnalysisEthical ConsiderationsResultsDiscussionIntroduction. Maternal and perinatal mortality is still a major public health challenge in Tanzania, despite the ongoing government efforts to improve maternal and newborn care. Among the contributors to these problems is the high magnitude of severe maternal outcomes (maternal near-miss). The current study, therefore, aimed to identify the magnitude and predictors of maternal and perinatal mortality among women with severe maternal outcomes admitted to Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital. MethoFetal and neonatal deaths among cases of maternal near A WHO survey compared 2,952 cases of maternal near miss with 94,083 women who did not have this morbidity and found an approximately four-fold higher risk of stillbirth and neonatal death among the near miss cases.16 However, the near miss criteria used (ICU admission, blood transfusion,

    Neonatal Near Miss and Its Associated Factors at Injibara

    Neonatal near miss (NNM) is defined as a newborn who presented a severe complication in the first 28 days of life, almost dying, but who survived during the neonatal period. 1, 2 The near miss concept and indicators provide useful information to evaluate the quality of care and identify preventable and treatable health system factors for improving neonatal care. 1, 3 Neonatal near Miss and Its Predictors among Neonates Sep 16, 2020 · Still births, neonatal deaths and neonatal near miss cases attributable to severe obstetric complications:a prospective cohort study in two referral hospitals in Uganda, BMC Central, vol. 15, no. 1, article 362, 2015. Neonatal near miss review:Tracking its conceptual Mar 29, 2017 · Near miss concept in Pediatrics or Neonatology has been otherwise used in context of severe conditions like severe cases of neonatal jaundice, encephalopathy or as near miss infant death syndrome from as early as 1970.Though till now there are no standard criteria or definition for neonatal near miss cases, as that of maternal near miss, it refers to situations where newborns nearly died

    WHO Maternal near-miss surveillance, Namibia

    Using a structured data collection tool (Maternal Near Miss Form, available in the data repository), 14 nominated staff collected anonymous data from medical records on maternal sociodemographic characteristics, maternal outcome, the main underlying cause of the maternal near miss and the neonatal outcome. Stillbirths were defined as deaths Still births, neonatal deaths and neonatal near miss cases Apr 17, 2015 · Of the 3100 mothers, 192 (6.2%) had abortion complications. Of the remainder, there were 2142 (73.1%) deliveries, from whom the fetal outcomes were 257 (12.0%) still births, 369 (17.2%) neonatal deaths, 786 (36.7%) neonatal near misses and 730 (34.1%) were newborns with no or minimal life threatening complications.