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AA and AB Series Analog Sensors NVE Corporation 11409 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344 USA (800) 467-7141 Web:nve Email:[email protected] 11/15/02 AA and AB Series Analog Sensors NVEs AA and AB Series analog GMR sensors offer unique and unparalleled magnetic sensing capabilities. ABL /AKL -Series Gear -Tooth Sensors - NVE Spintronic Saturation of GMR sensor elements 18 +18 mT Single resistor sensitivity R/mT 0.4 %/mT Maximum output 80 mV/V Resistance temperature coefficient TCR +0.11 %/°C No applied field Operating frequency f MAX 0 1 MHz AKL-Series Digital Gear-Tooth Sensors (Tmin to T max; 4.5 V < V


GMR Switch Magnetic Piston A specialized magnet is attached to the piston that will actuate the Clippard GMR sensors. This allows one or more of these dependable electronic sensor/switches to accurately determine the position of the cylinder rod. To order cylinders with magnetic pistons, specify model numbers that end with -M. GMR sensors must Flexible GMR Sensor Array for Magnetic Flux Leakage GMR sensors. Hence, a exible array of 12 GMR sensors has been fabricated and used for detection of damage on the track rope. 4.DesignofGMRSensorArray The layout of the exible GMR sensor array and its photograph are shown in Figures 4(a) and 4(b),respectively. Eachsensor elementin thearray hasacommonpower input GMR Evaluation Kits - NVE Corp/Sensor Products - Sensors The kit consists of an assortment of NVE sensors, printed circuit boards and permanent magnets sufficient to demonstrate sensor functionality in the laboratory. The AG003-01E GMR Current Sensor Evaluation Assembly was created to facilitate laboratory experimentation and development using GMR current sensors.

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GMR Magnetic Field Sensors can effectively sense the magnetic field generated by a current. The figure below illustrates the sensor package orientation for detecting the field from a current-carrying wire. This application allows for current measurement without breaking or interfering with the circuit GMR Sensor Catalog GMR Sensor Catalog - NVE3. For functional characteristics of the AA003-02 current sensor refer to the AA Sensors section of this catalog. 4. Refer to NVEs Engineering & Application Notes, Appendix APP 003, GMR Current Sensing for additional technical details. 5. The AG003-01 assembly can be GMR Switch Precision Digital SensorsGMR Switch Precision Digital Sensors NVE Corporation 11409 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344 USA (800) 467-7141 Web:nve Email:[email protected] 11/15/02 Quick Reference:GMR Switch Digital Sensors The following table lists some of NVEs most popular GMR Switch products and their

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Spintronic GMR Bridge Sensors A photomicrograph of a typical GMR magnetic sensor, also known as a magnetometer is shown below:The thin metal-alloy films are vacuum deposited onto silicon wafers. Other manufacturing steps include thermal annealing, magnetic annealing, and photolithography. Magnetic angle sensors GMR, AMR and TMR - Infineon Infineons XENSIVTM GMR angle sensor family has a new member of plug-and-play evaluation kits, the TLE5014 EVAL KIT series. The TLE5014 is a digital GMR angle sensor offering an excellent angle accuracy of less than 1°. Customers can choose between 4 different interface variants SPC, PWM, SENT as well as SPI, which is also reflected in the NVE Sensor Catalog - NVE Spintronic GMR Magnetic Sensors Download Catalog Sections Introduction to NVE GMR Sensors AA and AB-Series Analog Sensors GMR Switch:Precision Digital Sensors GT Sensors Circuit Board Sensor Products Peripheral Integrated Circuits Evaluation Kits Application Notes Appendix > Package Drawings and Specs. > Solder Reflow Profile > Magnet Data

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2.1 Magnet Selection and Configuration in Relation to the Sensors 2.2 GMR Sensor Configuration and Their Interface to the SIF Hardware The gap between the sensors and the magnets in this setup is approximately 3/16 inch (0.5 cm). While a complete analysis of the interactions between the GMR sensor and various magnet types is What is the giant magnetoresistance (GMR)? The Definition of the Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR). Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR) is a phenomenon of quantum mechanics and condensed matter physics. It is a kind of magnetoresistance effect that can be observed in thin film layers (several nanometers thick) between magnetic and non-magnetic materials.GMR Sensor Catalog - NVEhigh fields will not flip GMR sensors or reverse their output as is possible with AMR sensors. High fields will also not cause damage to NVE GMR sensors, as is the case with some competing GMR sensor products. The output of GMR sensors is frequency insensitive up to 1 MHz. GMR sensors produce an output with a constant field.