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(PDF) Interdiffusion behavior of Pt-modified -Ni +

The effect of platinum addition on the interdiffusion behavior of -Ni + -Ni3Al alloys was studied by using diffusion couples comprised of a Ni-Al-Pt alloy mated to a Ni-Al, Ni-Al-Cr, or Ni-based Anisotropic Diffusion Behavior of Al in Mg:Diffusion Feb 14, 2013 · No experiments for the anisotropic diffusion behavior of Al in hcp Mg have been performed using Mg single crystals. In the current study, the anisotropic diffusion behavior of Al in Mg was experimentally studied using the diffusion couple with Mg single crystal to investigate the difference of Al diffusion along the a- and c-axes of hcp Mg crystal. In addition, the interdiffusion and growth

Experimental Investigations on the Quaternary

Jan 02, 2019 · Interdiffusion is an omnipresent but important phenomenon in materials science and engineering processes.[5,6,7,8,9,10] The production of a homogeneous titanium alloy with super-plastic behavior, which needs the interdiffusion information for determining the heat treatment schedule, is a key procedure for obtaining the biomedical alloys with excellent properties. Therefore, accurate interdiffusion InterdIffusIon behAvIor In sIgmA-phAse usIng n A InterdIffusIon behAvIor In sIgmA-phAse usIng n 3 there are few studies focused on the diffusion behavior of this phase. Lanam and Heckel [8] calculated the average interdiffusion phase, and , obtained from different experimental temperatures. Table 1 Interdiffusion Behavior in Aluminide Coatings for Power processes from experimental and theoretical studies of interdiffusion in aluminide coatings on Ni-based superalloys has been recognized,[9-11] very limited research could be found on interdiffusion behavior between aluminide coatings and Fe-based alloys.[12-13] The results from the present study could therefore provide data and

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a gradient structure with stainless-steel-like properties. The experimental work includes interdiffusion experiments on single-layer systems, i.e., Cr deposition on plain or ultra-low carbon steel. Earlier work shows a strong influence of carbon on the interdiffusion behavior in Cr-layer systems. Therefore, an Interdiffusion and Diffusion Mobility for fcc Ni-Co-Al Dec 22, 2016 · The calculated results can fit most of the experimental data well, especially data for high temperatures. As shown in Figure 1, the calculated main interdiffusion coefficients in the Co-rich alloys (red symbols) better fit the experimental results comparing with those in the Ni-rich alloys (black symbols). In addition, the main diffusion coefficients of Al in the Ni-rich alloys are larger than those of Interdiffusion and Phase Behavior in Polysynthetically crystal. This is the first experimental attempt to elucidate the diffusion and phase behavior in the two phases of a PST TiAl crystal, and will shed light on the interface diffusion along various lamellar boundaries in PST TiAl. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES The composition of the master ingots used in the present study was Ti-49.3 at.% Al.

Investigation of Zr and Si diffusion behaviors during

Feb 27, 2015 · Molecular dynamics simulation was used to investigate the diffusion behaviors of Zr and Si atoms during a reactive diffusion which produces Zr silicide. The simulation results were compared with those in Roy's experimental results. The profiles of mean square displacements (MSDs) of Zr and Si atoms at different tem Microstructure studies of interdiffusion behavior of U3Si2 Jan 22, 2017 · @article{osti_1357771, title = {Microstructure studies of interdiffusion behavior of U3Si2/Zircaloy-4 at 800 and 1000 °C}, author = {He, Lingfeng and Harp, Jason M. and Hoggan, Rita E. and Wagner, Adrian R.}, abstractNote = {Fuel swelling during normal reactor operations could lead to unfavorable chemical interactions when in contact with its cladding. Research on interdiffusion behavior of Ti-Zr binary alloy The interdiffusion behavior of Ti-Zr binary alloy in the phase (950 to 1150°C) was studied through the diffusion couples by EPMA.

An experimental study on the interdiffusion behaviors and

We have investigated the interdiffusion behaviors and mechanical properties of Ni-Zr intermetallic compounds formed in the Ni-Zr interdiffusion interface zone at a temperature range of 865e955 C.) have been observed in the Ni-Zr diffusion zones. An experimental study on the interdiffusion behaviors and mechanical properties of Ni-Zr system