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58-63 Hrc Composite High Hardness And Wear Resistance

58-63 HRC composite high hardness and wear resistance plate Wodon wear plates are manufactured by welding one or multiple wear resistant layers on a medium or low carbon steel base plate.The overlay alloy has a high amount of chromium carbide hard particles which makes the plate have good wear and impact resistance. Overlay thickness range:3-50mm Alloy Steel - Tianjin Zhongyantiancheng Steel Trading Co Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Pipe, Stainless Steel Sheet manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Hardness 58~65 HRC Fe-Cr-C Wear Resistance Chromium Carbide Overlaying Steel Plates, Super Hard High Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate, Wear Resistant Manganese Steel Plate ASTM A128 Mn13 X120mn12 High Manganese Wear Sheet and so on.

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Factory Outlets Conveyor Wear Plate Steel - WD1600 Wear Plates Wodon Detail:WD1600 series Abrasion Resistant Chromium Carbide Overlay. WD1600 is chromium carbide composite cladding fusion bonded to a mild steel backing plate. The deposit has been realized by means of submerged arc welding. China Wodon Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate - China Fine cracks perpendicular to the welding bead is normal due to natural stress relieving in a very hard matrix. Very high volume of chromium carbides evenly distributed throughout the uniform thickness of the deposit. Plate hardness ranges from HRC58-65. Suitable for applications involving high abrasion and low to medium impact. EWAC Alloys Limited- 65-70 HRc (on MS) - 58-63 HRc (on SS 304) CPET 072 ac/dc+:ARC:Specially designed tubular electrode with Fe-Cr-C Alloy matrix, weld deposit offers ultimate abrasive resistance combined with light impact:60-65 HRc :PyroCarb 077 ac/dc-ARC:Refractory Carbides of Cr, Mo, Nb, W, V in FE-Cr-C matrix .Ideal wear protection for abrsion & erosion at elevated temperatures:60-68 HRc :VanCarb

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The main identified metal carbide in all the layers produced by hardfacing with alloys from group T Fe15 is the primary Cr 7 C 3 carbide, and Cr 23 C 6 eutectic carbides can sometimes be observed. Moreover, in the abrasion-resistant layers of Kalmetall W 143, Abradur 64, CastoDur Diamond Plate ® 4666, and HCNb4B plates, indices of NbC phases Mining Chute High Hardness Abrasion Resistant Wear Steel Note:Alloy content varies in different plate thickness. Chemical composition, hardness, alloy content, thickness, size could be customized. 4. Fabrication The backing mild steel plate provides Wodon overlay plates with structural integrity, which makes our overlay plates fabricated without damage to welding overlay, regardless of the shape and complexity of the structure. RHINOWEAR PLATE RHINO WEAR PRODUCTSA high percentage of C, Cr, Nb, W, B, Mn, Si and balance Fe; Slimhard plate offers extreme abrasion resistance with high amount of phases retaining hardness under high temperatures. The typical hardness is 6265 HRc. Microstructure:Hyper-Eutectic with M7C3 primary carbides in an austenitic eutectic matrix. Typical service temperature:800° C

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facing methods is manual metal arc overlay welding perfor-med using a solid rod electrode or a tubular electrode [1÷5]. Fe-Cr-C-Nb-Mo-W-V alloy and composite consist of tungsten carbide particles in the Fe-Cr-C alloy matrix. The study of hardfacing deposits included:test of met- (65 HRC) rest 6.0 1.0 0.9 20.0 5.0 6.0 1.2 1.5 Tomasz Poloczek, Artur Czupryski The Analysis of the (C, Cr, Fe) 58-62 HRC The bimetallic sheet composed of steel S235JR and an overlay weld deposited on the steel. The steel is characterised by high abrasive wear resistance and medium impact load resistance. The overlay weld contains the austenitic structure with a significant amount of chromium carbide (Cr7C3) precipitates (constituting over 50%).THE LATEST IN OVERLAY TECHNOLOGYTwo-layer deposit on mild steel:58 to 65 HRC Three-layer deposit on mild steel:60 to 65 HRC ASTM G65-Procedure A weight loss:0.18 g max. Chemical composition (wt. %):5.3 C, 0.5 Mn, 0.2 Si, 22.0 Cr, 6.5 Nb, balance Fe Surface hardness:One-layer deposit on mild steel:57 to 60 HRC Two-layer deposit on mild steel:60 to 65 HRC