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Tatra T-138 6x6  
The first pieces of this heavy terrain vehicle whose capacity in the terrain was 8 tons, left the production plant in 1959 and reassumed the finishing production of T-111. After finishing the production of "onehundredandeleven" in 1962 the production of the new model reached full turnings and ran on till 1971.

The army made full use of this car, especially in the sapper units in the role of the carrier of ponton bridge sets PMS signed T-138PP16V (in the time of its introducing in the armament in the sixties it was a revolutionary means in speed of bridging over rivers with the help of a bridge set). The sappers also owned diggers T-138D-031a, movable earth drillers PZV, recovery vehicles AV-8, autocranes AB-063 and dumpers T-138S-1/S-3. The platform car version T-138VN served for transporting heavy loads and also for pulling 100mm AT cannons vz.53. The air army made use of these trucks in the tankers T-138CL with the capacity 11.000 l for filling the planes with fuel and in a special version for bearing the mobile airfield lighting complet MLOK-1. Every air base and every major military form also ovned fire-fighting cistern CAS-32.

The three-axle puller was signed T-138NT and in the CSLA it served as the puller of movable cases for higher commanders in the field. For version 6x6 was derived type set T-137NT 4x4 serving e.g. for pulling the refrigerator with food, but mainly as reserve of T-141 in military airfields for towing the aircraft, where it got the nickname "Konik" (little horse).

Among foreign armies making use of Tatra T-138 was the army of the former GDR (version NT 6x6 with a high-capacity fuel cistern of their own construction, the fuel cistern CL and an fire-fighting cistern). Polish army bought refuellers CL for their jet airplanes.The Egyptian army used these cars for storage purposes in the war against Israel in 1973. Syrian army owned these trucks too. The Libyan army is also said to have bought a certain amount of these automobiles including pontoon carriers.
Tatra T-138VNN Tatra T-138VNN Tatra T-138VNN Tatra T-138VNN Tatra T-138VNN Tatra T-138PP16V
Tatra T-138PP16V Tatra T-138PP16V Tatra T-138 poklada? vozovky Tatra T-138 poklada? vozovky Tatra T-138D-031a T-137NT 4x4
Tatra T-138CL T-137NT 4x4 Tatra T-138 MLOK-1 Tatra T-138 MLOK-1 Tatra T-138 AB-063 Tatra T-138 PKP 25/20
Tatra T-138PP16V Tatra T-137NT 4x4 Tatra T-137NT 4x4 Tatra T-137NT 4x4 Tatra T-138 PZV Tatra T-138 PZV
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