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In 1985 was created modernized version of 122 mm rocket launcher on the chassis of TATRA 815 8X8. The main change except the new type of chassis was unarmed crew compartment with airconditioning and air filtration unit, which provided higher comfort for the crew. The weapon system stayed unchanged. But the command of People's Army of Czechoslovakia after series of tests decided not to put those models RM mark 70/85 into service due to lack of armour. This modernized model was than for export only. First customer was The Army of East Germany with 36 vehicles, which were sold to Finland after reunification of Germany. They are still active in Finland under the name RAKH 89.The Army of Poland bought 30 pieces of RM-70/85, they are still in active duty. India was very interested also, but later on decided to produce their own model on the same chassis under the name of PINAKA.

Army of Slovak Republic had also certain ammount of those rocket launchers. They were most probably from the second contract for East German Army. After the reunification of The Germany all contracts from Czechoslovak armour companies were cancelled. Already started second series were finished by Armory in Dubnica nad Vahom and taken over by Army of Slovak Republic. Those vehicles were stored in warehouses.

In 2000 The Defence Department of Slovak Republic decided to modernize RM-70/85. Two companies-Konstrukta-Defence from Trencin in Slovakia and German company Diehl were chosen to create modernization project. First step of the project was instalation of new navigation and radio equipment for commander of the vehicle under the name RM-70/85M.

Second step was more progressive. From original vehicle were used only chassis and engine, the vehicle had brand new armoured crew compartment, behind it was located hydraulic arm for reloading of rocket box. Modernized rocket launcher allowed to fire 28 rockets of 122 mm, or 6 rockets of 227 mm ( one container of MLRS systém ). Coordination of the fire was fully computerized. This new model was named RM-70 Modular. The Army of Slovak Republic ordered 26 vehicles and the contract is already in progress. It will be finished in 2007.
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